Achieving Scientific and Medical Breakthroughs

Our operations involve incorporating the latest research and technology to bring forth the most optimal result for you! Our embryology laboratory is equipped with all the present-day tools and equipment, along with a team that is supremely competent in their professions.

Escalating the Bars of Quality

We believe in taking our service to the extremes of finesse and efficiency to ensure no compromises on quality, in any way are made. Our ISO Certifications back our claims of prioritising your health and safety.

Our Skyrocketing Success Rates Are Making Couples Smile Again

Every couple, whose hopelessness took their smile away is now living a life filled with joy. All thanks to the quality and effectiveness of our treatments, we have brought happiness and contentment back into the lives of parents expecting/united with their little bundle of joy.
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Let Dr. H.I. Tekin Become Your Savior

With a specialised degree in Forensic Medicine backing his expertise, Dr. H.I.Tekin proposes a number of treatments that elevate you through all the steps of becoming a parent. His knowledge and experience have enabled numerous couples to experience parenthood when nature left them hopeless.
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IVF Showing You Light at the End of the Tunnel

When failed experiences and false hopes lead you up a blind alley, our In-Vitro-Fertilisation (IVF) Treatment guides you to a tried and tested method of expanding your family. Its popularity is rising substantially and this is one treatment you ought to consider today!

Digging through the Root Cause of Your Complications

We examine your body with extreme attentiveness to identify the main root of contention and treat your condition accordingly. Having introduced a vast range of treatments, we ensure leaving no problem unsolved!

Micro TESE

Genetic Screening Test

Sperm Freezing


General Gynaecology

IVF Cyprus

A Glance at What We Have to Offer

Egg Donation

The embryo in your body forms as the fetal egg fertilizes with the sperm. The process

Sperm Donation

As the reproduction process works with both partners being healthy and fertile…

Embryo Donation

The embryo in your body forms as the fetal egg fertilizes with the sperm.


A major introduction in the medicinal field that is bringing numerous mothers’ dream to life is the IVF Treatment.

The Words of our Elated Parents

Our Journey of Bestowing Parents with the Most Treasured Gifts in Life

We take pride in sharing all that we have achieved and hope to grow as our clients are our backbone and their contentment is our responsibility.


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