About Dr. Hit

About MD. H.I.Tekin MD. H.I.Tekin has worked as a physician and a forensic doctor in the E.D of Denizli State Hospital. After his time as a physician, in 1988, he received the “Hızır Emergency Certificate” from Ankara Numune Hospital. Later, In 1995, he completed his studies at Zeynep Kamil Hospital and became a Gynaecology and Obstetrics Specialist there. Therefore, joining the IVF center for further training in 1997.


We work with the idea of giving hope in the hearts of every couple facing a hard time conceiving. Where nature lets them down. Science comes to their aid. We aim to help everyone attain their dreams of becoming parents one day in the near future. Moreover, In pursuit of this goal, we introduce the IVF treatment. The treatment is doing wonders for all the disappointed partners. Partners are looking to grow from a couple into a fully-fledged family. Therefore, IVF has taken over the medical field by storm. It continues to grow and prosper further each and every day

Who is MD. H.I.Tekin?

Between 1997 and 2004, he worked at Pakize Tarzi Hospital and received the ÜYTE license.

Within the opening of an IVF center in Nicosia, in 2000, he started IVF treatments. which are one of the important sectors of the TRNC today. Later, As of 2016, he has helped nearly 25 thousand families attain their desires of starting a family.

Moreover, In 2004, he founded the Middle East and Balkans IVF Center. Whilst continuing his IVF studies at the Near East University IVF Center and Cyprus Central Hospital – ÜYTE unit as of May 2014. He moreover also contributed to various scientific studies in Turkey and internationally.


Late life of MD. H.I.Tekin

As of 2017, MD. H.I.Tekin , who has helped bring the joy of having children for over 25,000 families. He is a world leader in the field of IVF. Having done 28,500 treatments to those wanting to start a family. Given his success in aiding couples fulfilling their dreams of acquiring their very own bundle of joy, Dr. HIT’s clinic has become a worldwide name.

Moreover, Every year, he helps with the growth of 250 foreign families, most of them from the United Kingdom. He has helped families from America to China, from Norway to Australia achieve their dreams of having children.

Sports Activities

MD. H.I.Tekin played basketball in Galatasaray Sports Club’s Star. He also played in Youth and A Teams between 1974-1981. During his university and specialty training, he worked as a coach and manager at Galatasaray Sports Club for nearly 10 years. Moreover, He served as the second president of the basketball branch under the presidency of Yalçın Granit. MD. H.I.Tekin is a member of the Board of Galatasaray Club and Galatasaray Association. Moreover, He is a member of the Galatasaray Former Sportsmen Association. Also, he speaks French, English and Russian.

He is an amateur pilot and aviation lover with NPPl and Jaar PPL pilot licenses.