Advanced Age IVF Treatment-1Advanced Age IVF Treatment

There is an age limit set for the IVF treatment . Receiving the treatment at an age beyond a safe age limit can lead to major issues.









Advanced Age IVF TreatmentAdvanced Age IVF Treatment-1

Egg quality worsens with increasing age; this reduces the chance of conception and having healthy children. Therefore, early pregnancy losses are more common than of those in the younger age group. Increased age of a woman and a low number of eggs are the most important factors affecting the success of fertility treatment. However, for women aged 40 and over, We use PGD. For women who have good ovarian capacity, pregnancy can work with a success rate of 25-30%.

Advanced Age IVF Treatment

In order to increase the chances of having healthy children and ongoing pregnancy, mothers who undergo assisted reproductive techniques can apply “PGD”. Before the transfer of embryos to the mother’s womb, we check the chromosomes where we frequently observe problems during this age period, and thus we do not transfer bad embryos. Loss of ovarian reserve can sometimes occur at younger ages.