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With an estimate of at least 1% of the male population possessing this condition. Azoospermia refers to when the male’s semen doesn’t contain sperm which is the root cause of infertility.








Is it a Treatable Disease?Is Azoospermia a Treatable Disease? - Dr Hit


It’s important to diagnose the type of the disease before the patient gets treatment. In the treatment for the type due to a block, A surgical operations opens the block in the ducts. We then remove the sperm. After that, the pregnancy process progresses naturally.

In cases not due to block, a surgical operation obtains sperm from the collecting ducts. After the final diagnosis, we give the Micro-TESE method, known as one of the best biopsy methods. This method examines the testicular tissue under a microscope and takes the tissue from places where sperm can be found. In rare cases, If we find no sperm, we send tissue samples for a diagnosis. According to the result, after the treatment method given by the doctor, the Micro-TESE process is applied again and we can obtain sperm.