Detecting the Grey AreasBefore IVF Treatment- IVF Treatment Cyprus 1

Before IVF Treatment, We unravel all the theories that you did not know before. The problem could originate from either of the sides, be it the mother’s or the father’s. Gladly, the power of science and medicine enables us to identify the fault in your case most accurately.








Before IVF Treatment- IVF Treatment Cyprus 2What are the Stages of IVF Treatment Before IVF Treatment?

Every year, thousands of couples turn to doctors to start IVF. The vast majority of couples are able to conceive after starting treatment. Couples who cannot have children first want to get information about the stages of IVF treatment. At this point, the couples’ communication with the doctor, to gasp info about the details of the stages involved in the treatment process. Access to info regarding the stages of IVF also helps the expectant mother adopt a calmer and patient attitude throughout the treatment process.

  • 01 Stage – Initial inspection and couple assessment
  • 02 Stage – Egg formation
  • 03 Stage – Collecting eggs
  • 04 Stage – Embryo transfer
  • 05 Stage – Pregnancy test



Initial Examination and Assessment of the CoupleBefore IVF Treatment- IVF Treatment Cyprus 3

The IVF process starts with the couple coming to the doctor. Many couples apply to our clinic stating that they can’t have children and that they want to start IVF treatment. First of all, these couples need to be examined because, as in every disease and health problem, the treatment and the problem are individual.

Some couples may be in a hurry to start IVF treatment. Immediately after trying for some time, couples apply for IVF treatment. However, we recommend that couples start IVF to have a child after at least 1 year of unprotected intercourse. In the evaluation of the couple, the test – examination results, age, etc. of both the mother and father candidate. It is taken into account in many points.

During the evaluation phase, mostly the reports requested from the couples are as follows:

  • Any surgery report or notes
  • Sperm analysis
  • Men and women blood tests
  • Treatment reports, if any,
  • Uterine film
  • Chromosome analysis
  • Reports on other diseases, if any