Working with Cytoplasm and Mitochondria TransplantationCytoplasm and Mitochondria Transplantation

Our Cytoplasm and Mitochondria Transplantation treatments give you a fine blend of what targets them both to give you the gift of parenthood. They contain a special set of info that is important to form the baby. Also, our bodies contain DNA which has protein in its spiral structure. However, DNA is present inside the local cell nucleus while the mitochondria are on the outside of it.






Studying the Cell Nucleus

Studying the Cell Nucleus


The nucleus in our cells conveys all the info to the babies. Moreover, As a woman’s age increases, the hereditary material keeps deteriorating.









About Mitochondria Transplantation

About Mitochondria

The mitochondria in our cells serves the basic purpose of providing energy to the cell. Which comes as a result of the degradation of the DNA in our body. One surprising fact here is that mitochondrial hereditary material does not pass on to the baby.









Cytoplasm and Mitochondria Transplantation

The main goal here is to aid the preservative activity of DNA damage that takes place in an older woman’s body. It can be simmered by the genes found in mitochondria which is found in lesser quantity in older female eggs. On the other hand, the cytoplasm obtained from younger women that does not contain any hereditary disease possess a better chance for getting pregnant.