Detecting the Grey AreasData Base-1

We unravel all the theories and data that you did not know before. The problem could start from either of the sides, be it the mother’s or the father’s. Gladly, the power of science and medicine enables us to identify the fault in your case.







Data Base-2Data on Maternal Hindrances Delaying the Baby’s Arrival

With the on-going processes that keep building, there is high possibility for the barrier to come from the maternal side. Hence, we search through all the cynical aspects with this matter.


Its when the endometrium that lines the inside of your uterus grows outside of it which causes Infertility.






Data on the Concealed Paternal SlipsData Base-3

We start by examining the problem from the most basic stage which could exist in either of the two sources. Where paternal faults are normally looked over, we consider both sides of the picture and address to every possible situation.


With an estimate of at least 1% of the male population possessing this condition, it refers to when the male’s semen doesn’t contain sperm which is the root cause of infertility.


Its when the veins that carry oxygen-depleted blood away from the testicle enlarge making it hard for men to reproduce.

Good News – It’s All Curable!

We believe there’s no situation in the world that has no fix. To your glee, this idea is well applicable to infertility issues as well. No matter what your body may be dealing with, we will make you love life with a little angel around you all the time!