Get to Know about Egg Freezing ProcessGet to Know about Egg Freezing

Egg freezing process involves producing numerous eggs by stimulating the ovaries with hormones. Once we retrieve those eggs, we cool the eggs down to subzero temperature, so we can thaw them later for injecting in a mother trying to conceive.







The Technicalities of Egg Freezing

The Technicalities of Egg Freezing Process


Egg freezing is a complicated procedure since it is all-liquid, and so extremely hard to manage. During the process, it takes a crystal form and leads to the organelles and nucleus content to disperse in the cell while breaking down due to freezing.








Working with a Special Liquid    Working with a Special Liquid

The liquid used to work with egg freezing is quite different from the usual one. It has a similar structure to that of the antifreeze used in vehicles. Moreover, It prevents damages to the cells that crystallization is likely to cause.








Slow Freezing

As the egg cells are stored in the special freezing liquids, it is frozen by being cooled down to -30/-35 degrees with device. It is a successful technique that does great for the effectiveness of the process.