Embryology Laboratory - Dr Hit CyprusEmbryology Laboratory

It is the first in continental Europe, the only IVF center having QHA Trent quality certificate in Turkey and the Turkish republic of North Cyprus (TRNC).

One of the most important factors affecting success in IVF treatment is the quality of the embryology laboratory, the experience and expertise of embryologists. Since it is an important part of our center, we strive to continuously improve its technological infrastructure.

At the same time, we spend on strengthening embryology laboratories in accordance with the latest technologies.

Every method and technique with proven efficiency is successfully applied in our center, each of which is served by experienced embryologists and laboratory technicians. At the same time, we make evaluations about treatments with our experts in order to develop more successful treatments for you, our patients, with the international spring congresses we hold every year.



The routine procedures applied in the embryology laboratory are as follows;Embryology Laboratory 1 - Dr Hit Cyprus

• Egg collection (OPU)
– Denudation (Egg preparation)
• Fertilization
– Embryo culture
• Assisted Hatching (AHA)
– Embryo biopsy (Preimplantation genetic diagnosis-screening)
• Embryo transfer
– Embryo freezing
Egg freezing
Sperm Freezing
• Micro Tese Procedure
– IMSI Treatment

Embryology LaboratoryEmbryology Laboratory 2 - Dr Hit Cyprus

One of the most important factors affecting success in IVF applications is the quality of the embryology laboratory. In general, the effect of laboratories and embryologists is accepted as 50 percent in terms of contributing to the total success in IVF.

Moreover, The other 50 percent is split between the preparation of eggs (ovulation induction) and embryo transfer. A couple producing medium quality eggs or sperm can increase their chances of conceiving with a high quality embryology laboratory and good embryo transfer.

Our specialist doctor, Op. Dr. H.I.Tekin also emphasizes the importance of using state-of-the-art devices for embryology tests. He also states that quality is important in order to execute procedures done here such as Egg collection (OPU), Fertilization, Embryo culture, Assisted Hatching (AHA), Embryo biopsy (Preimplantation genetic diagnosis-screening), Embryo transfer, Embryo freezing, Egg freezing, Sperm Freezing, Micro Tese procedure and IMSI treatment with high accuracy.

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