Applying Physiotherapy Method

Endometrial PathologiesApplying Physiotherapy Method for Endometrial Pathologies

There is no doubt that the quality of the eggs, sperm and the embryos are significant during an IVF treatment. However, the condition of the uterus, where we place the embryos, plays a role as well. The thickness and the lining of the endometrium are very important before transferring the embryos, so that the success of implementation is high. In some cases, despite the medication regimen, there might be problems in terms of thickness and lining. Therefore, we apply a method of physiotherapy in our clinic.


Endometrial Pathologies

In the applied method, customized electrical currents go down 15 cm deep and increase the blood circulation in the uterus. Moreover, Its effect lasts for 24 hours. With this method, which we have been applying for over 6 years, pregnancy occurs with an endometrium of 2 mm and above. The statistics on 1000 patients show an average result of successful pregnancy as 85%. A control study in the first 100 patients, and fresh tissue formation by biopsy and local blood flow acceleration with an echo doppler were confirmed. We perform this method only at Dr.H.I.Tekin’s UKFCA IVF center in Cyprus.