Cutting the Suspense with Gender DeterminationGender Determination-1

Modern technology now allows parents to prepare better for the children of the future. Parents can now prepare themselves to welcome their precious baby, before their little one make their entrance into the world. You can now be confident about your choice to go with pink or blue using our gender determination service.







Gender Determination-2

How Does It Work?

Knowing the baby’s gender even before it is born is now possible! It takes only a few steps to unravel the baby’s sex as it involves two methods of doing so. Firstly, an ultrasound helps us determine two of the most important factors.

  • Measuring the Endometrial Thickness
  • Evaluating the Spawning Capacity

Secondly, we can do gender selection through more methods that come under the HSG method which targets the medicated uterine film.

  • Evaluation of Tubes
  • Intrauterine Control
  • Determination of Drug Usage


More Blood TestsGender Determination-3

In every step of the process, you need to have a complete analysis of the blood and its circulation in the body. And so, for it as well, you need to conduct some blood tests.

  • Blood Count
  • Tests exhibiting bleeding and coagulation
  • Thyroid test
  • Tests alarming for infectious diseases





Examining the Males

Looking for the gender by examining the father is much easier than doing so with the mother. All we need to do is count the sperms and evaluate them. If the sperm is found to be problematic, we further examine it with sperm retrieval anagenetic tests. The procedure begins on the egg collection day and has certain guidelines with it.

  • The mandatory blood tests need to be conducted
  • You can’t eat or drink anything 5-6 hours before getting anesthesia
  • The medication needs to be altered before the procedure
  • The genetic and hematological tests need to be observed

Gender Determination-4The Gender Determination Processes

The first step that starts the gender selection process is taking the mother’s interview which is then followed by several other treatments that tell you if it’s a baby girl or a baby boy.

Drug Treatment Process

During this process, we stimulate the ovaries with the use of drugs so the eggs develop and start their job right away. Using needles, women inject the prescribed drugs under their abdomen’s skin. The ultrasound that follows in the coming days then displays the result which reveals your baby’s gender nicely.

Egg Collection and Microinjection (ICSI)

On injecting the HCG in recipient, the egg collection starts under the effect of anesthesia. On the same day only, we fertilize the eggs with the father-to-be’s sperm. We look at the eggs under the microscope while the fluid soaks it. We store the eggs we discover in the lab for around an hour and half and later we peel them off using an enzyme or mechanical blows.