IVF Treatment Doing WondersIVF Treatment Doing Wonders - Dr Hit

A major introduction in the medicinal field that is bringing numerous mothers’ dreams to life is IVF Treatment. Moreover, It works by merging the egg with the sperm and results in fertilization after a while. Although, the quality of eggs’ is extremely important here as it determines the baby’s health.

Microinjection Making Up For the Ordinary Quality

In case the eggs carry a poor quality, the best treatment that could still work on them is ICSI. Moreover, It’s success rate and the fact that it gets the desired results, efficiently make it the best option in the most complicated of cases.





Embryoscope and IVF Treatment
Embryoscope and IVF Treatment - Dr Hit

Filtering out the poor-quality embryos; this process uses visual effects to create videos of the embryos to make the assessment process of the embryos highly efficient. Moreover, The method hopes for the early division embryos to elevate the possibility of pregnancy.

Pregnancy Vaccination with IVF Treatment

Nesting is one the techniques we use with this method and we observe to be quite operant. Moreover, It involves taking the outer membrane of the egg and examining it for further alterations. Moreover, we conduct these alterations in hopes of fulfilling your dreams of becoming a parent.

Pre-Pregnancy Genetic Analysis (PGD)

In case of genetic infertility, the eggs we need to fertilize are treated with treatments created in a lab. Although, Before transferring the developing embryos in the mother’s womb, we perform a genetic analysis beforehand. Moreover, It detects any disease to ensure you and your baby fit for life!

IVF Treatment and Its’ Phases - Dr Hit

IVF Treatment and Its’ Phases

Being an extremely comprehensive treatment. However, IVF goes through several stages with each one holding extreme vitality in their own.

Egg Removal

The treatment involves a basic surgical operation. Moreover, you are put under the effects of mild anesthesia and your eggs are collected from the ovarian follicles.

Donor Insemination

A gynecologist takes the donor’s sperm and injects it in the mother’s vagina, cervix, or uterus.

Embryo Development

After the eggs fertilize with the sperm. Moreover, the embryo forms and starts to grow.


Taking You through the IVF Treatment

Taking You through the IVF Treatment - Dr Hit

An IVF Treatment goes through several steps and takes about 6 weeks to draw a veil over it.

  • Book your first appointment for consultation
  • Arrange for any pre-treatment counselling that may be needed
  • Let the treatment begin
  • Experience hormone stimulation
  • Get your treatment monitored
  • Trigger the injector
  • Prepare for egg collection in daily surgeries
  • Egg Festinating
  • Embryo Development and Transfer
  • Embryo freezing
  • Perform a pregnancy test