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Our Maternity Service. Pregnancy can be tough on women. Moreover, Some women prefer to have a normal birthing delivery, as they want to experience the process as naturally as possible. Here is where a normal birth comes in. After 40 weeks of the last period cycle, the normal delivery happens but it is not necessary to complete 40 weeks of pregnancy to have a normal birth. Many women go through a premature birth which happens in between 10 days and 40 weeks. If the normal birth cannot take place, then we will induce the mother with the use of Oxytocin. We give the mother oxytocin to stimulate uterine contractions and start the labor process.

Details of Normal Birth – Maternity Service 

Everyone wonders at least once in their life how a normal birth occurs. A normal birth is a natural process and a physical event that keeps the mother fit in the long-term. Firstly, the contractions start occurring and they last for a few days. They last for 5 minutes and the mother’s water breaks, it’s time to rush to the hospital. And so, the mother has to strain appropriately and act on the doctor’s instructions. The baby comes out from the mother head first, the procedure ends with the removal of the placenta, after we deliver the baby.

Normal Birth Using Epidural

The entire process remains the same, except where we induce the contractions. We inject the epidural in the lower back, to make the labor not as painful for the mother. However, the contractions continue, just as with normal birth.

The Cesarean Delivery – Maternity Service The Cesarean Delivery - Dr Hit

For the cesarean delivery to be successful, the mother cannot eat anything 6 hours before the time of the delivery. we do it by cutting through the abdomen and gentle removing the baby from the mother’s womb.

Preparing for the Delivery

As the delivery is about to begin, the hospital and room staff gathers around and get all of the necessary equipment ready to start. We clean the mother’s abdomen is and we inject the anesthesia. Next, the incisions are made and the muscle sheath is cut. What follows is an incision in the membrane over the uterus which breaks the pouch and the baby is taken out successfully. The delivery is complete and you have your precious baby in your arms!



Maternity Service - (Cesarean Section - Normal Birth)

After the Surgery – Maternity Service 


Once we deliver the baby, we stitch the mother’s cuts and we take the baby for a wash. Moreover, The mother is can get up on her feet 8 hours after the surgery is done. For the pain, we give the mother medication and we suggest her to take gentle strolls. By the second day, the mother is no longer experiencing any sort of pain and we discharge her from the hospital.