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Sperm Donation – As the reproductive process works well with both partners being healthy and fertile enough to conceive, a fault in either of their systems acts as a barrier in the process. Moreover, This specific treatment targets the males’ infertility problem in which they don’t possess the sperm needed to combine with the females’ eggs. It is also needed in the case of the testicles being damaged during chemotherapy, radiotherapy, or any other surgical operation a male has gone through. Also, an issue like this arises because of the Y chromosome being fractured.






Sperm Donation1 - Dr Hit IVF All about Sperm Donation

It is a method that enables every man, whose sperm production has stopped, to get his reproductive system active again. Moreover, In case there is no chance of obtaining a sperm that is appropriate in its quality, sperm donation is your only way to achieve success for conceiving.








The Progression of Sperm DonationSperm Donation2 - Dr Hit IVF

A procedural approach sees the sperm we obtain through a method that begins with collecting the seminal fluid through masturbation. Afterwards, The next step involves us examining the sperm cells under the microscope. Our treatments follow standard procedure and travel beyond by incorporating more transactions that include, TESA, PESA, TESE, and more.


Where the Implementation Starts

Applying the sperm donation procedure opens gates to two methods that ensure a flawless process. In case your situation doesn’t find its solution from one, we have you covered with another one that rewards you with your own little one at the end.

Sperm Bank Vaccination

The first process starts with the assessing the woman’s tubes carefully. This aspect involves considering whether or not there is adhesion when the tubes open. If the tubes are found being adhesive, there are no chances of pregnancy. In such a case since it is vital for them to be able to move freely inside.

ICSI with Blank Sperm

As the time for egg collection arrives, we thaw the formerly chosen bank sperm and we perform with the micro injection as well. One important step that we consider vital here is selecting the suitable sperm for developing the embryo. And so, the process of IVF continues with us transferring 2 to 3 of the embryos in the mother’s womb and the rest we freeze and store.

Screening the Potential Donors

To ensure right collection of sperm, their sources need to be a 100% fit so they don’t transfer any illnesses onto the growing baby. We medically assess any donors to a high degree to ensure that your baby is fighting fit at the end of the procedure. Thus, We screen donors for:

  • Medical history of siblings, parents, and family elders
  • Psychological profile
  • HIV risk investigation, drug use
  • HIV
  • HTLV
  • Hepatitis B or C
  • Syphilis
  • Gonorrhea
  • Chlamydia
  • CMV
  • Cystic fibrosis
  • Chromosome Test