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Tube Blockage in the fallopian tubes stands as a hurdle for the convergence of the ovum and sperm. Therefore, may lead to pregnancy issues for women. Tube blockage or Tube Obstruction is a common issue nowadays and our clinic has the training it needs to deal with such an issue.








Tube Blockage – How Are Tubes Opened?Tube Blockage - IVF Treatment cyprus-2

We open closed fallopian tubes surgically by laparoscopy or laparotomy. In the laparoscopy technique, We make a small incision under the woman’s navel and we insert a thin and long telescope into the abdomen. We attach the camera to the back of this telescope, this camera projects an inside view of the woman’s abdomen and the tubes on to the screen.

We make a few more small incisions inside the abdomen and we place miniscule instruments to perform the surgery. Within the abdomen, surgical opening of the tubes, We can perform laparoscopy. By conducting laparoscopy with the use of minutiae tools and incisions. Moreover, we don’t change the aesthetic appearance of the mother. Laparotomy, on the other hand, requires open surgery to open the tubes. This method involves making a large incision on the abdomen of the woman and therefore we do not prefer it as a practice today.


Tube Blockage - IVF Treatment cyprus-3Tube Blockage – Why do tubes get clogged?

Reproductive tract infections, intra-abdominal surgeries, endometriosis may cause obstruction in the tubes and partial or complete obstruction of the fallopian tubes. Moreover, Sexual diseases or tools that one uses in the uterus can cause Infections that cause adhesions in the tubes.

In addition, tuberculosis and appendicitis are also among the common reasons for infection within the tubes. Adhesions inside the tubes can cause damage to the fallopian tubes and deterioration of their natural tissue. For this reason, the woman’s egg cannot assemble with the sperm, and the woman cannot conceive.