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What is Varicocele? Another case where the males aren’t able to reproduce is when the veins, that are responsible for carrying oxygen-depleted blood away from the testicle, are enlarged.









Are There Different Treatment Methods for Varicocele?
Are There Different Treatment Methods for Varicocele? - Dr Hit

Varicocele is treated with different surgical and radiological methods.

Varicocele Embolization: By entering from the groin with interventional radiology methods, an occlusive substance can be injected into the enlarged vessels. However, in this method, side-effects such as mobilization of the occlusive material, that is; moving to other places, loss of activity of the substance over time, pain and allergic reaction can be experienced. This treatment approach is not recommended much within international guidelines.

There are surgical methods used in addition to microsurgery. There are approaches from the groin area, high groin area, or laparoscopic approaches. Moreover, surgery performed under the microscope in the lower groin area is considered the gold standard.

Does varicocele recur?

There are different treatment methods for varicocele, but the possibility of recurrence in surgeries performed by microsurgery is almost zero.

What Are the Conditions That Patients Should Pay Attention to After the Surgery? - Dr Hit

What Are the Conditions That Patients Should Pay Attention to After the Surgery?


In the early period after a varicocele surgery, it is necessary to avoid sports, heavy exercise, and sexual activity by following the doctor’s recommendation. It is appropriate to wait a period of 15-20 days’ post-op before conducting sexual activities and a period 4-6 weeks’ post-op before doing sports and other exercises that require effort. Apart from these post-op recovery suggestions, it is necessary to comply with the treatment methods recommended by the doctor.

Will there be pain in the testicles after surgery?

In varicocele surgery, which is a surgical intervention, there may be some pain in the form of neuralgia, especially due to the damage to the neural tissues in the testicle area. In addition, it is not the right approach to operate on patients with only testicular pain. For such patients, there can be many underlying causes of pain. Postoperative pain continues in such patients. The most important reason for unsuccessful surgery is not the infertility problem, but patients who experience pain alone.