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Offering a unique service, we dive into the depth of what is causing resistance to the process of conceiving. On highlighting all the possibilities that lead to this problem, we have designed special treatments that cater to each and every one of the unique situations that make conceiving impossible for you. Further, we make use of the most modern and innovative machinery, whilst bringing highly-qualified embryologists on-board to complete procedures.

In addition, we conduct regular interviews and require feedback from you, our patients, to ensure that customer satisfaction is achieved and maintained every step of the way. Moreover, The individuality and thoroughness of every treatment, along with the incorporation of technology makes our services successful for all our clients. Hence, you won’t be disappointed by putting your faith in us. You can completely entrust us to look after the future of your flourishing family.

We Have Successfully Carried Out A Large Amount Of Procedures In The TRNC

In parallel with this, we continue to work with the most modern and advanced devices; and the most experienced embryologists. We have access to a world-class Embryology laboratory with strong technological advancement and infrastructure.

Dr. Hit 1 - Cyprus IVF Treatment Why Dr. Hit services are Based On Satisfaction Are Provided, As Our Patients Satisfaction Is Our Main Priority

MD. H.I.Tekin and his team adopt personalized treatment plans according to each individual patient’s needs. A commercial approach has never and will never be incorporated within our clinic. As can be seen from the forums and blogs on the internet, MD. H.I.Tekin has always focused on success and has helped thousands of patients financially and spiritually to conceive and grow families. The most comfortable, peaceful, and affordable accommodation and transportation services are provided to couples coming from countries other than TRNC.




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We attach great importance to establishing an honest and completely open relationship based on trust with all of our prospective parents during the preliminary preparations, during, and after the treatment process. Moreover, Patient satisfaction is measured by regular surveys and face-to-face interviews, in order for us to maintain a high level of service quality. In addition, all fertility procedures are carried out by MD. H.I.Tekin, himself and other highly qualified in vitro fertilization certified doctors.

MD. H.I.Tekin has taken care of tens of thousands of patients, all of the different ages and from different nations for the past 20 years. He has always tried his hardest to successfully bring each and every couple the babies they so desperately want. Moreover, Patient treatment is of great importance to him, and he has bestowed this value on each of his employees. Often telling them to “treat patients the same way as you treat your own sibling.” He frequently explains the concept of divine justice or “karma” with examples from his own life and has motivated employees to work in line with these principles.

Continental Europe First, The Only IVF Center Within Turkey and The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) With “QHA Trent Quality Certificate”